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Scientists who discovered new monuments of the ancient Turkic epoch were awarded

On August 31, 2022, the members of the Nomgon-2022 expedition, led by the President of the International Turkic Academy Darkhan Kydyrali met with the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sayasat Nurbek.

In the group, that participated in the meeting, included Enkhtor Altangereliin, researchers of the Turkic Academy, scientists -Turkologists Napil Bazylkhan and Nurbolat Bogenbaev. At the meeting, they presented the results of the Nomgon-2022 expedition, jointly conducted in Mongolia by the International Turkic Academy and the Institute of Archeology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences. Scientists suggest that the Nomgon complex was dedicated to the father of Kültegin and Bilge-Kagan - to Kutluk Elteris Khagan, who revived the Turkic Khaganate. Minister S.Nurbek noted the importance of this news, thanked the participants of the international expedition for their contribution to Turkology and world science, and presented the medal «For merits in the development of science». In his congratulatory speech Sayasat Nurbek said: «I believe that the opening of the Nomgon memorial complex in Mongolia is a historical achievement of domestic and foreign scientists. This research investigation has a great importance for our country, the Turkic-speaking states and the world community». At the same time, the Minister thanked the Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia and the Academy of Sciences for their support, and expressed confidence in the implementation of joint research projects in the future. In his turn, D. Kydyrali expressed his gratitude to Minister S.Nurbek, who accepted and showed respect to the members of the expedition.