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President of the Turkic Academy took part in the international forum "Trans-Altaiс Dialogue on Sustainable Development: Gender Equality and Sustainable Development"

At the opening ceremony of the Forum, organized jointly by the Parliament of Mongolia, Stanford University (USA), the Ban Ki-moon Foundation and Eva Women's University (Republic of Korea), the Speaker of the Parliament of Mongolia G. Zandanshatar, Vice Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea Kim Yong-joo, 8th Secretary General of the United Nations, Chairman of the Ban Ki-moon Foundation made speeches. Director of the Korean Studies Program at the Center for Asia-Pacific Studies at Stanford University Ji Woon Shin, made a welcoming speech and wished success in the work of the Forum. A video speech by the Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Martin Chungong to the participants was also shown. Speaking at the plenary session on the topic "International Trends in the Altaic Studies", Sh. Mustafayev stressed the historical significance of the Altai region, which has become the territory of interaction among cultures and religions. In this regard, he noted that the field of Altaic studies should adapt to the current specific situation, while its field of research should cover aspects of all the social sciences. In addition, Sh. Mustafayev noted that thanks to the close scientific cooperation between the Turkic Academy and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, joint projects have been implemented. As a result, important scientific discoveries have been made. In conclusion, he noted that the Turkic Academy plays the role of a spiritual bridge between Mongolia and the Turkic world, contributing to the strengthening of close cooperation between scientists and scientific organizations. In this regard, Sh. Mustafayev noted that Mongolia has an opportunity to join the Turkic Academy as an observer state.