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The Chairman of the Great Khural of Mongolia received the Head of the Turkic Academy

As reported by the Department of Mass Media and Public Relations of the Parliament of Mongolia, at the beginning of the meeting G. Zandanshatar expressed his gratitude to Sh. Mustafayev for his visit and participation in the forum held in Mongolia. He also noted that since 2014, the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and the Turkic Academy have been successfully working in partnership and have successfully implemented a number of joint scientific projects. At the same time, the Chairman of the Parliament said that the scientists who took part in the plenary session of this forum, made presentations and discussed the modern trends in Altaic studies, the continuity of languages, culture, history and traditions of the Altaic peoples, the sphere of interethnic relations, as well as the ways of developing academic ties. Therefore, Mr. G. Zandanshatar said that he would pay attention to and support research in this area. In turn, Sh. Mustafayev congratulated G. Zandanshatar on the organization of the high-level conference "Trans-Altaic Dialogue of Dtability – Gender Equality and Sustainable Development" and briefly described the activities by the Academy. As a great example of an active partnership between the Turkic Academy and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences he noted that last year, as a result of joint archaeological excavations in the Nomgon valley, a ritual complex dedicated to Elterish Qutlug qagan was discovered, that proved a significant scientific discovery. Sh. Mustafaev emphasized that the aforementioned international forum was of great importance for the development of cooperation between the Altaic peoples in the field of linguistics, culture and science. He also noted that it was important for the Turkic Academy to deepen cooperation with Mongolia. In addition, the parties discussed the terms of Mongolia's membership in the Turkic Academy with the status of an observer state.