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President of the Turkic Academy Participated in XIII Plenary Meeting of TURKPA

Today, on June 6, President of the Turkic Academy Shahin Mustafayev participated in the XIII Plenary Meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic States (TURKPA) and the Assembly Council meeting in Baku.

In addition to the President of the Academy, the meeting was attended by the chairmen of the parliaments of the TURKPA member states, the Secretary-General of the organization Mehmet Sureya Er, leaders of other international organizations involved in Turkic integration and deputies from the member countries' parliaments.

Today's meeting of the Turkic states' parliamentary heads focused on "Green Horizons for the Turkic World: Parliaments' Role in Advancing the Green Agenda."

During his address at the meeting, President of the Turkic Academy Shahin Mustafayev underscored the vital role of the Parliamentary Assembly in enhancing brotherly relations and delivered a comprehensive report on the Academy's initiatives pertaining to the designated theme.

During the meeting, the new flag and logo of the Assembly were unveiled, marking the official transfer of TURKPA's chairmanship from Türkiye to Azerbaijan. Additionally, the Baku Declaration was adopted as an outcome of the XIII plenary meeting of TURKPA.