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The President of the Academy met with the State Secretary of the Kyrgyz Republic

During the meeting, Sh. Mustafayev informed S. Kasmambetov about the activities by the Turkic Academy and its projects related to Kyrgyzstan. In particular, he spoke about the start of the Summer School for Young Turkologists, held in Bishkek from June 19 to 26, in which about 30 young scientists from 10 countries took part. Sh. Mustafayev also reported on the preparations for the International Congress on the History of Turkic Statehood, which is scheduled to be held in Cholpon-Ata in September 2023. In turn, S. Kasmambetov expressed his gratitude for the active work by the Turkic Academy in the field of scientific cooperation, which contributes to strengthening the integration processes among the Turkic countries. S. Kasmambetov also stated that he would provide the necessary support for the future endeavors of the Academy. At the end of the meeting, Sh. Mustafayev presented S. Kasmambetov with the publication "Manas of Sagymbai", prepared jointly by the Turkic Academy and the International Fund for Turkic Culture and Heritage.