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The discovery of the epitaph of Kutlug Khagan is considered an important occasion in the world science

The letter noted that the opening of a monument in honor of Kutlug Khagan «is considered as an important occasion in world science». Besides, it is noted that such important news will give a special impetus to the development of Turkology. In the congratulatory letter on behalf of the Acting director of the Institute of Asian and African countries at Moscow State University, addressed to the President of the Academy Darkhan Kydyrali, has been said: «On my own behalf and on behalf of the staff of the Institute of Asian and African Countries at Lomonosov Moscow State University, I sincerely congratulate You on the outstanding scientific discovery made by archaeologists of the Turkic Academy in the Arkhangay aimag of Mongolia. Discovery of a written monument with the earliest mention in history the ethnonym «Turk» is an important occasion in world science and gives a new impetus to the development of Turkic studies as a scientific discipline. I wish You and your team going forward creative success! I am sure that the Institute of Asian and African countries and the International Turkic Academy have a wide field for fruitful cooperation in the future». It should be noted that this year, as a result of a scientific expedition in the Nomgon Valley, organized by the International Turkic Academy jointly with Mongolian Institute of Archeology, the upper part of the epitaph and a memorial complex dating back to the ancient Turkic era were discovered. The scientists of the Academy, well-known Turkologists Napil Bazylkhan and Nurbolat Bogenbaev attended in the expedition. Scientists of the Turkic Academy read the inscriptions on the monument and determined that it was dedicated to Kutlug Khagan - the founder of the Second Turkic Khaganate.