The cooperation under the umbrella of the Turkic Academy is multi-stakeholder in nature, including the policy dialogue with governmental institutions, the private sector, academia, civil society, and several other international partners. Through its international scientific cooperation, the Turkic Academy promotes partnerships and collaboration on research topics and projects in line with its mandate.

Cooperation with institutions of Member States and Observers

Turkic Academy invests considerable efforts in engaging Member States and Observers’ relevant institutions in activities of Turkic Academy, inspires them to work and benefit together, and thus drives scientific collaboration to greater heights.

The Turkic Academy develops and maintains close working relations with all governments of Member States and Observers. Besides regular consultations with the Ministers of Education, the President of the Turkic Academy holds bilateral meetings and consultations with the Member States’ other high-level representatives and institutions interested in the activities of the Academy. These consultations aim to garner official views on the scope, priorities, and added value of the Turkic Academy’s interventions.

Coordination with Turkic Cooperation Organizations

The collaboration between the Turkic Academy and the Secretariat of the Organization of Turkic States has evolved over the years into a substantive coordination process. Excellent working relations and systematic contacts between the Turkic Academy and the Secretariat have led to joint actions, new measures, and growing synergy pertinent to deepening cooperation in the Turkic World.

The Turkic Academy and the Turkic Cooperation Organizations – the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY), the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic States (TURKPA), and the Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation (TCHF) – have a pragmatic and dynamic dialogue that serves as a mechanism to generate synergies, organize joint events and associate closer the work of the Turkic Academy with the Turkic cooperation agenda.

Dialogue with other international partners

Over the years, the Turkic Academy has developed solid working relations with several international organizations. Maintaining close links with international organizations, such as ECOSOC, UNESCO, OIC institutions (COMSTECH, IRCICA, ISESCO, SESRIC), and the ECO, where membership overlaps with that of the Turkic Academy, has encouraged innovative ideas and enhanced implementation of different scientific programs and projects.

Networking for collaboration

The Turkic Academy has established partnerships with various academic institutions and NGOs dealing with Turkic studies. In collaboration with partner organizations with a proven record of knowledge and practical experience, the Turkic Academy mobilizes external expertise in the priority areas of its work and creates networks of interested parties.

Turkic Academy performs the duty of the Secretariat of the Union of the National Academies of Science of the Turkic World (UNASTW), established in 2015. The main objective of the UNASTW is to promote comprehensive cooperation in science and education among Turkic societies.

Another platform where the Turkic Academy acts as a Secretariat is the Turkic Network of Official Economic Policy Research Centers (ERCNET), established in 2023 in close collaboration with the Secretariat of the Organization of Turkic States. The main objectives of the ERCNET are promoting economic relations, greater economic integration, and stronger partnerships between Turkic countries. ERCNET also intends to recognize and promote long-term growth drivers that support the Turkic economies’ smart, inclusive, and sustainable growth.

The Turkic World Common Alphabet Commission, established in 2023, also works under the umbrella of the Turkic Academy with the coordination of the Secretariat of the Organization of Turkic States. The Commission’s main task is to establish a common alphabet standard based on Latin script to ensure the cultural integration of the Turkic World.