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Archaeologists of the Turkic World visited the historical places of Samarkand

The guests visited the Yahyo Gulomov Samarkand Institute of Archaeology and the Afrasiab Museum, where they got acquainted with the ancient and rich history of Uzbekistan.

One of the main events of the visit was the acquaintance with the ruins of the ancient Sogdian castle and the town of the V—VIII centuries named Kofir-kala, which is located in the settlement of the same name near Samarkand, 30 km southeast of the settlement of Afrasiab.

Archaeologists saw the results of archaeological excavations, and also got information about the work done and future plans for the study of the Kofir-Kala settlement in the framework of the nomination "Silk Road: Zeravshan-Karakum Corridor". It should be noted that the historical Zeravshan-Karakum corridor is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.