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"Sagynbaidyn Manasy": the famous epic poem can now be read in an adapted version

The new book is based on the text sent by Sagynbai Orozbakov, which is considered the most complete and voluminous version of the famous epic poem. Literary critics consider this version a classic example of "Manas". The well-known manaschi of the Kyrgyz National Theater "Manas" Rysbai Isakov, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, voiced the work, consisting of nine volumes, in a language understandable to the general reader, and brought it into one book. In addition, the book includes interpretations of obsolete and borrowed words found in the epic poem. Speaking at the presentation ceremony, the Vice-President of the Turkic Academy Erhan Turbedar noted that the new book is a valuable addition to the book treasury of the Turkic world. "The "Manas" epic poem does not belong to ordinary literary works. First of all, it is a heritage that unites the Kyrgyz people as a nation and is of particular importance in its spiritual development," he said. Also in his speech, Erhan Turbedar emphasized that in "Manas" other fraternal peoples are referred to by the common name "Turk", and that is why this work is a precious treasure for the entire Turkic world. In turn, Mirbek Karybaev, project manager of the International Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation, noted that the Kyrgyz epic poem "Manas" is of particular importance among the cultural heritage of the Turkic world. At the end of the meeting, the author of the work, Rysbai Isakov, performed excerpts from the legend about "Manas". It should be noted that the guests of the festival and media representatives showed great interest in the presentation of the book.