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The Acting President of the Turkic Academy F.Majidli delivered a report at the international symposium of the Turkic world

On October 9-12, 2022, at the session «Bekir Sidqi Chobanzade» of the International Symposium of the Turkic World, held at the Binali Yildirim University in the Turkish city of Erzincan, the Acting President of the Turkic Academy Fuzuli Majidli delivered a report on the topic «Problems of scientific integration in the Turkic world and proposals for its solution».

In his report, F. Majidli touched upon such issues as the issues of a common academic language and a common alphabet, the establishment of systemic ties between scientists, the creation of common terms and academic dictionaries, as well as the formation of a common information space. In this regard, referring to the projects implemented at the Turkic Academy, he noted: «One of the most important goals of the Academy is to create an unified information space in the Turkic world. This information space will cover all areas: from education to science, from preschool institutions to media organizations. In addition, it is necessary effectively to use the studies of the Turkic barometer, conducted by the Turkic Academy." On the second day of the symposium the Acting President of the Academy F.Majidli moderated the session «Cevat Heyet».