The Acting President of the Turkic Academy participated in the International Symposium

9 ноября 2022 года исполняющий обязанности президента Международной Тюркской академии Физули Маджидли принял участие в Международном симпозиуме «Расширение горизонтов сотрудничества между странами Центральной Азии, Азербайджаном и Турцией: Шелковый путь – серия транснациональных номинаций ЮНЕСКО», который состоялся в рамках саммита Организации тюркских государств.

The symposium is held in Samarkand on 8-10th of November, with the scientific support of the International Foundation for Turkic Culture and Heritage, the International Institute for Central Asian Studies, the Center for the Study of the Popularization of Historical and Cultural Heritage and the Silk Road. The participants of this symposium will consider the issues of expanding cooperation between the countries of Central Asia, Azerbaijan and Turkiye. The presentation of the book «Azerbaijan on the Silk Road», published within the framework of the project of the International Foundation for Turkic Culture and Heritage «Countries of the Turkic World on the Silk Road» was also held within the framework of the symposium. The Acting President of the Academy F.Majidli, who took part as an honored guest, spoke about the role of the Turkic peoples in the development of the Silk Road and its prospects. F.Majidli in speech said «The Silk Road is closely connected with the world of the Turkic peoples. Because the Turkic peoples for centuries were at the center of historical trade routes connecting the East with the West and the South with the North, ensuring the safety of these roads. The Turkic states that controlled trade routes occupied strong positions in the historical arena. In fact, the weakening of the role of the Turks on a global scale is connected with the shift of trade routes from continental Eurasia to the seas. Therefore, the restoration of the Silk Road in the 21st century means that East-West and North-South trade and transport routes are again on the agenda, and this can be seen as an excellent opportunity for the peace of the Turkic peoples. I believe that a radiant future could be built on the basis of the Turkic civilization with its deep roots». The symposium was attended by the Deputy Secretary General of the Organization of Turkic States Kysmet Gozalov, the President of the International Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation Gunay Afandiyeva, the TURKSOY Secretary General Sultan Raev, the Secretary General of TurkPA Mehmet Sureya Yer, the Director of the International Institute for Central Asian Studies Dmitriy Voyakin, as well as experts and scientists.