Acting President of the Academy F. Majidli met with the Minister of National Education of Türkiye

On October 3, 2022, the acting president of the International Turkic Academy F. Majidli met with the Minister of National Education of the Republic of Türkiye Mahmud Ozer.

During the meeting, the parties discussed new opportunities for mutual cooperation. In particular, they talked about the work done on general Turkic textbooks and the Nomgon expedition. Minister M. Ozer expressed gratitude for the efforts of the International Turkic Academy to strengthen the strong brotherhood of peoples who have a common language and mentality, history and culture. “I hope that what the Turkic Academy is doing in the field of education and science will allow the youth of our peoples to get to know each other better, help them quickly understand and establish strong cultural ties,” he said. In this context, he noted that, together with the relevant structures, the Ministry will make every effort to effectively implement common textbooks in schools aimed at developing historical consciousness. “Currently, the subjects “General Turkic History”, “Geography of the Turkic World” and “General Turkic Literature” are included in the programs of secondary education institutions and included in the weekly lesson schedule. Thus, from the 2022-2023 academic year, these subjects began to be taught in secondary education institutions in the 9th, 10th and 11th grades as elective subjects. As you know, on May 16-18 in Istanbul we successfully held a joint seminar to discuss these textbooks. At the end of the seminar, the general textbooks were approved by a special commission. The commission included experts from all member countries of the Turkic Academy. At a meeting of the Scientific Council of the International Turkic Academy, held on June 24, 2022 in Astana, the Ministers of Education of the member countries signed a protocol on the adoption of common textbooks,” noted M. Ozer. The Minister of Education also said: “I pay special attention to this step, which is aimed at developing cooperation in the field of education between fraternal countries. As a result of the full implementation of the introduction of common textbooks, we, the Turkic countries, can show the world a good example,” he noted, congratulating the participants of the large-scale project, including the International Turkic Academy. In turn, the acting president of the International Turkic Academy, Fuzuli Majidli, thanked the Ministry of Education of Turkey for its constant support, and expressed great gratitude for the initiative to include pan-Turkic history, literature and geography in the curriculum. “Teaching from these common textbooks builds our common consciousness. The basis of integration begins with a common consciousness. It will be viable if it is based within the walls of a school. I want to thank you for this. “Because the Academy completed this fundamental project at joint seminars held under your chairmanship,” said F. Majidli. The Minister of Education gladly received the news of the Elterish Kutlug Kagan complex, which was discovered as a result of the Nomgon expedition conducted jointly by the Turkic Academy and the Institute of Archeology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences. “This was the third most important discovery after the Orkhon inscriptions and the epitaph of Bilge Tonyukuk, discovered in Mongolia in 1889 and 1897. This is a historical discovery for Turkish scientists as well. Artifacts are also valuable exhibits that complement the cultural heritage of the Turkic world. Therefore, the search and preservation of the important historical and cultural heritage of the ancient Turkic era remains one of the important areas of cooperation between our fraternal countries and Mongolia,” noted M. Ozer. In addition, the Minister emphasized that the Turkic Academy is an important structure of pan-Turkic integration, which successfully performs a number of tasks in coordinating cooperation in the field of science and education, conducting scientific research in the field of general history, language and literature, establishing partnerships with other international organizations, organizations conferences and important archaeological expeditions, as well as popularization of the science of the Turkic world. “I am confident that the Academy will continue to make efforts through scientific cooperation to further strengthen fraternal ties between kindred peoples and states around the world, and I wish them good luck,” the Minister said. At the end of the meeting, F. Majidli expressed special gratitude to Minister M. Ozer for the warm welcome. It is worth noting that the meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of National Education of Turkey Petek Ashkar, Director General of the Department of European Union Affairs and International Relations Hasan Unsal, Personal Secretary Mustafa Gelen, Head of the Department of International Organizations Emine Eroglu, Head of the Department Ilhan Aksoy, Head of the Medieval Archaeological Research Sector Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia Altangereliin Enkhtor, experts of the Turkic Academy Napil Bazylkhan and Dinmuhammed Ametbek.