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The book «Asrın Adamı» about A.Baitursynuly was presented in Istanbul

The work «Asrın Adamı», published within the celebration ofhe 150th anniversary of Akhmet Baitursynuly, is the result of many years of searching for the head of the House-Museum of A.Baitursynuly, scholar-Akhmetologist Raikhan Imahanbet, according to archival documents and the Rare Manuscripts Fund. The International Turkic Academy translated and published a substantial work in Turkish in order to popularize it in the Turkic world. The book was translated into Turkish by translator Ashur Ozdemir and consists of the sections «Holy Place», «Outstanding Personality», «Great Enlightener», «Man of the Century». It contains manuscripts, copies of rare documents, as well as photographic data about the life of the great enlightener. The author analyzed each document in detail and attached scientific comments to the correspondence of his contemporaries. The book can become as a guide for Akhmet-scholars and applicants in the field of Turkic studies in general.