The stele from the Nomgon-2 complex was presented

Today, on April 26, a joint presentation was organized by the Turkic Academy and the Archaeological Institute of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences in Ulaanbaatar, where they presented the lower section of the stele found in the Nomgon-2 archaeological complex.

The scientific event held at the Chinggis Khan Museum was attended by President of the Turkic Academy Shahin Mustafayev, President of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia Dugeriin Regdel, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Mongolia Gabit Koishibaev, Chargé d’Affaires ad Interim at the Embassy of Türkiye to Mongolia Ali Said Serdengeçti, along with representatives of diplomatic missions, institute heads and other renowned scientists.

According to archaeologists involved in the excavation, an ancient Chinese text was discovered at the base of the unearthed stele. This finding suggests a potential connection between the Nomgon-2 ritual complex and Elteris Kutlyk-Kagan, the ruler of the Turkic Khaganate.

Located on the Nomgon Plain in Khashaat Sum, Arkhangai region of Mongolia, the Nomgon-2 complex is regarded as the seat of the Khaganate rulers.

During archaeological excavations conducted between 2019 and 2023, a stone statue depicting a seated kagan was unearthed. Additionally, fragments of two stone statues depicting lions with their cubs and several broken pieces of stone statues were discovered.

The Turkic Academy and the Institute of Archaeology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences plan to continue archaeological excavations at the complex situated on the Nomgon Plain.