Textbooks on "Common Turkic History", "Common Turkic Literature", "Geography of the Turkic World"

Project title: Textbooks on "Common Turkic History", "Common Turkic Literature", "Geography of the Turkic World"

Purpose: Development of textbooks "Common Turkic History", "Common Turkic Literature", "Geography of the Turkic World" in order to form in the mind of younger generation the idea of common past, the unity of language and culture among the Turkic peoples, and also to instill a sense of common identity and mutual respect in the Turkic world.

Annotation: The textbooks “Common Turkic History” (from ancient times to the 15th century),“Common Turkic Literature” and “Geography of the Turkic World” were prepared by the Turkic Academy for secondary school students in order to implement the instructions of the Heads of States adopted on June 5, 2014 in Bodrum (Türkiye) at the Summit of the Organization of Turkic Countries.

The textbook “Common Turkic History” (from ancient times to the 15th century) covers Turkic history from the ancient period to the 15th century AD, with an emphasis on the history of Turkic states and dynasties. Consists of 7 main topics.

The content of the textbook "Geography of the Turkic World" is aimed at forming a view of geography of the Turkic world as a whole, studying the geographical concepts and ideas of the Turks, as well as considering the geography of independent Turkic countries and autonomous republics. Consists of two parts. The first part includes a general overview of the geographical views about the Turkic world, reflected in cultural monuments, and set forth in the works of famous scientists and travelers from different eras. The second part includes questions related to the geographical characteristics of the states and peoples constituting the Turkic world.

The textbook "Common Turkic Literature" provides an information about common Turkic literature and common cultural values, including modern national literature of Turkic peoples, starting from the earliest period of common Turkic literature.

Project duration: 2015-2023

Project implementers: Turkic Academy

Results: The texts of the textbooks were prepared and approved at the Meeting of Experts from the participating countries. On June 24, 2022, during the meeting of the Academic Council of the Turkic Academy, the Ministers of Education and Science of the participating countries adopted the Protocol on the basis of consensus (unanimously), according to which teaching process based on these textbooks starts in the secondary schools of the participating countries.

Execution: Completed