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Anev was designated as the cultural capital of the Turkic world in 2024

On March 26, President of the Turkic Academy Shahin Mustafayev participated in the ceremony announcing the cultural capital of the Turkic world for 2024. The event took place in Anev, Turkmenistan.

The city of Anev was awarded the status of this year's cultural capital of the Turkic world by the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY).

The ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of Turkmenistan Mahrijemal Mammedova, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan Rashid Meredov, Secretary-General of TURKSOY Sultan Raev, President of the Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation Aktoty Raiymkulova, along with specially invited dignitaries from brotherly countries.

As part of the cultural capital declaration event, informative programs were arranged to introduce Anev's rich history and notable landmarks. Furthermore, a captivating concert program, featuring talented artists from Turkic countries, added vibrancy to the celebration.

The tradition of announcing the cultural capital annually was established in 2010 during a meeting of the heads of Turkic-speaking nations. At last year's closing ceremony in Shusha, Azerbaijan, the symbol of the “Cultural Capital of the Turkic Peoples” was officially bestowed upon the city of Anev. This status is granted to ancient cities with profound historical roots to protect and promote their cultural heritage monuments.

During the opening ceremony, President of the Turkic Academy Shahin Mustafayev emphasized the significance of archaeological excavations in uncovering monuments from past centuries in Anev. He also extended congratulations on the 300th anniversary of the birth of Turkmenistan’s national poet, Makhtumkuli Fragi.

The next day, the cultural event was followed by an international scientific conference titled “Ancient Anau Culture”.