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The President of Kazakhstan received the head of the Turkic Academy

Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev was acquainted with the results of the archaeological expedition of the Academy's scientists to the Nomgon valley of the Arkhangay aimag of Mongolia. In Mongolia the researchers managed to discover a unique complex and inscriptions dedicated to Kutlug Elteris Khagan. According to Darkhan Kydyrali, the found inscriptions made it possible to establish the earliest evidence of the contribution of the Turks to history and human civilization. In the ritual complex built during the reign of Kutlug Khagan, other artifacts and symbols were also discovered. Along with this, during the conversation, issues of the Academy's activities, including those related to the publication of textbooks, were considered. Darkhan Kydyrali informed the completion of his activities at the head of the Turkic Academy. The President highly appreciated the activities of the Turkic Academy, especially noting the results of the research expedition to Mongolia.