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“Young Turcologists” Summer School Invites Young Scholars

The Summer School will bring together young scholars in the field of Turcology, enabling them to meet each other, to introduce their projects and researches, to obtain new information, and to establish networks for professional purposes. Young scholars working on the issues related on cooperation of Turkic states and the integration of the Turkic World will also be able to attend the summer school.

Objectives: Young Turkologists Summer School has two main objectives. The first is to bring together young scholars from Turkic states, to deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge on the history, archeology, language and literature of the Turkic World. The second aim is to contribute to the development of the participants’ skills in interrelated fields such as scientific publication, making presentations and benefiting from research funds. In this context, the participants will be divided into Working Groups and will have the opportunity to prepare their reports on the summer school themes and discuss their findings with senior scholars.

Subject Coverage: Within the scope of the Summer School, courses will be given on the following subjects:

  • The Concept of the Turkic World
  • History of Turkic States
  • Turkic World Archeology
  • History of Art and Thought of the Turkic World
  • General Characteristics of Turkic Languages and Contemporary Turkic Languages
  • Turkic World Mythology
  • Turkic World Epics and Legends

Structure of the Summer School: The Summer School will run for six days between 18-26 June 2023. All courses will be given in Turkish. The program will consist of daily lectures and technical seminars on the history, archeology, language and literature of the Turkic World, will include discussion sessions within the Participants’ Working Groups, and will also include cultural activities.

Venue: Young Turkologists Summer School will take place in Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University campus (Cengiz Aytmatov Campus (Cal), 720038, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan,

Education: The courses will be given by the scholars who are experts in their fields. The final program will be sent directly to the participants after the application evaluation process has been completed.

Participants: Young people residing in Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, North Macedonia, Hungary, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Turkiye, Turkmenistan, TRNC, Bashkortostan (RF) and Tatarstan (RF), under the age of 35, with at least a master’s degree can apply to the Summer School. Young people working and doing research in the fields of Turcology, Turkic history, Turkic literature, Anthropology, Cultural Studies and Archeology are also expected to apply to the Summer School.