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The Eurasian Research Institute presented in Astana works on Abai

In the work of the event were participated the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkiye to Kazakhstan Ufuk Ekiji, the Acting President of the International Turkic Academy Fuzuli Majidli, the Chairman of the Plenipotentiary Council of the Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University Muhitdin Simshek, the Director of the Eurasian Institute of Research Institute at the MKTU Suat Beylur, the well-known literary critics and scientists, the representatives of foreign diplomacy, the heads of universities and scientific institutions, media representatives. Speaking at the presentation, the Acting President of the International Turkic Academy Fuzuli Majidli noted the role of Abai`s heritage in the spiritual treasury of the Turkic world and congratulated his colleagues on the appearance of a new work published by the Eurasian Research Institute. F.Majidli said: «The concept of Abai «The Perfect Man» is a comprehend and deep spiritual thinking that helps humanity develop spiritually, to improve and to maintain purity of heart. In this regard, two scientific works: «The Wisdom of the Great Steppe - Abai Kunanbaiuly» и «Abai Kunanbaiuly: an annotated bibliographical guide with a description» have a great importance. It is worth noting that the collective monograph «The Wisdom of the Great Steppe - Abai Kunanbaiuly», published in English in the capital of Turkiye - Ankara, is currently the only scientific publication that has no analogues in its scientific direction. It aims to acquaint the foreign readership with the unequalled Kazakh akyn - Abai Kunanbaiuly and his rich literary heritage. The book presents scientific research of the domestic and foreign scientists devoted to the study of the era of Abai, the history of his family and immediate surroundings, the creative heritage and the formation of a literary school, manuscripts of works and features of the language of Abai, the analysis of his historical and religious views, philosophical views, the influence exerted on the formation of a national intelligentsia. The two-volume annotated bibliographical guide «Abai Kunanbaiuly» covered almost all possible publications that were published in the period from the first edition of the article, dedicated to Abai in 1889 and until 2020, when the 175th anniversary of the famous Kazakh akyn and thinker was celebrated within the framework of UNESCO. The bibliographic guide includes Abai's works, books and monographs, textbooks and learning aids, bibliographic publications, dissertations (candidate's, doctoral, PhD), scientific and publicistic articles, published in periodical publications. In total, the bibliographic index covered over 12 thousand titles of publications on Abai studying.